Aquatic Field Technician (m/f)(13-09-11)

Texas A&M University - Texas (EUA)

Job Type: full-time temporary position
Opportunity location: east and central Texas

Closing date (if specified): No date specified (will remain here for 90 days from posting date)

Opportunity Description:

Field technicians (2-3) are needed to conduct freshwater mussel surveys from mid-October through early December along the Sabine, Brazos and Colorado Rivers and their tributaries in east and central Texas. Primary job duties include visual and tactile searches for mussels (wading and snorkeling), mussel identification, measuring habitat variables, maintaining field equipment and data entry. Field technicians may need to use canoes/kayaks to access certain portions of the river. Typical work schedule: 5 days per week, 8-12 hrs per day, majority of time spent in the water. Occasionally, longer work days may be required to complete sampling at an individual site. Sampling may occasionally occur on weekends, in the event that weekday surveys are cancelled due to inclement weather. Technicians must supply their own mask/snorkel, wetsuit, and appropriate field clothing. Anticipate a wide range of water and air temperatures, turbid waters, and possible encounters with poisonous snakes. Housing will not be provided except during overnight sampling trips. Applicants should anticipate camping at campgrounds or state parks or finding short-term housing in south-central Texas (e.g., San Antonio). Work vehicles will be provided during work days.

Salary: $840 every 2 weeks

Qualifications: Possess a B.S. or B.A. in wildlife biology or closely related field; highly responsible and self-motivated, enthusiastic, enjoy working with others and have a good sense of humor; able to accurately collect field data with strong attention to detail; maintain positive attitude in adverse conditions; must be comfortable in the water and familiar with using snorkel gear and kayaks/canoes. Must be able to work efficiently and quickly, while at the same time not sacrificing quality. Must be in good physical shape and capable of lifting and carrying equipment up to 60 lbs. All hires must be CPR certified or complete such training prior to start of field season (must provide proof of training). Preference will be given to applicants with previous mussel experience or experience with other aquatic surveys.

For more info, contact:

As a single email attachment, submit cover letter, resume, copies (unofficial) of transcripts, and contact information for 3 references to Matt Johnson (

Our Opportunity ID: 18879

(publicado em a 09-09-11)

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