Postdoctoral researcher in Adsorption Science (23-06-09)

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Faculty of Geosciences at Utrecht University

The Faculty of Geosciences at Utrecht University offers a wide spectrum of education and research concerning the geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and antroposphere.

From its central position in the Utrecht Centre for Geosciences, the Faculty collaborates closely with the Faculties of Physics (Meteorology/Oceanography) and Biology (Biogeology), and with several Dutch research institutes, some of which are located on or very near to the University's campus. The Faculty is committed to interdisciplinary and cross-institutional collaboration, and plays a key role in the Dutch national research school structure.

In the Netherlands, the Faculty is the largest institute in its field, and has received the highest rating in international assessments of geosciences in the Netherlands.

Research positions at our Department of Earth Sciences

The Department of Earth Sciences and its laboratories employ approximately 40 tenured staff members, 30 postdocs, 65 Ph.D-students and 30 support staff members. Information about the Department and its research programmes is available on

Currently, we invite applications for the following research positions. All our positions in Utrecht offer a regular, temporary, employment contract under Dutch law, with standardised salaries. Detailed information on all available positions can be found via
1 postdoctoral researcher in Adsorption Science - (vacancy number 72144) -
further details
1 Ph.D. position in Extraterrestrial Impacts and Climate Change - (vacancy nr. 7214) - further details
1 Ph.D. position in Experimental Isotope Geochemistry / Petrology - (vacancy nr. 72141)- further details
1 Ph.D. position on Geomicrobial Reactive Transport Systems - (vacancy nr. 72135) - further details
MSc Opportunities in Earth Sciences

We aim to recruit over 150 students per year to the Faculty's Research MSc programmes in Earth Sciences:

    * Biogeology
    * Hydrology: Environmental Hydrogeology or Earth Surface Hydrology
    * Geology
    * Geophysics
    * (Environmental) Geochemistry
    * Physical Geography

These programmes include possibilities for career orientation in Exploration Geology or Earth & Sustainability.

Details about these programmes and other Master programmes that are offered by the Faculty of Geosciences can be found under This includes information on admission, tuition fees, and grant & scholarship opportunities. Starting moments are each September and (conditional) each February.

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