Teamleader C&E - Corporate (m/f) (02-04-12)

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Greenpeace, Amesterdão (Holanda)

Organisation:  Greenpeace
Salary:  Euro 52,000 - 69,000 pa
Reference:  GRSB0005
Location:  Amsterdam
Hours:  Full Time
Position type:  Paid
Contract:  Permanent

Closing date:  Mon 16 April 12


In coming years the impact of humankind on the planet’s climate will increase, and the outlook isn’t good. The next IPCC climate report is expected to paint an even darker picture of the future, and the forecast looks grim. But thanks to organizations like Greenpeace, there is hope. Greenpeace is a committed and passionate organization that has been championing environmental issues for over 40 years. As a coordinated global group we’ve made incredible progress on many issues and enjoy a high campaign success rate. But we can’t rest yet. In an ideal world, there wouldn’t be the need for groups like us, because in the meantime, your planet needs you!

We’re looking for an engaged, ideas-driven thinker for the dynamic role of Corporate Team leader. The successful candidate will supervise an accomplished team working on climate related issues focussing on the development and implementation of corporate campaign strategies. He or she will work under the supervision of the Unit Head Climate and Energy, together with the team leaders for Energy and Climate.

The position will be based in Amsterdam or any other key office of Greenpeace in India, China or United States. The role requires frequent travel

Purpose of the job
To lead global project teams within the agreed campaign strategy, and to contribute to the development of global campaign strategies in order to reach the globally agreed milestones.

Main responsibilities
1. Project Team leadership
Supports the selection of Team Members. Manages and coordinates activities of team members worldwide, and makes recommendations to final decision maker on actions according to existing action protocols, project communication, priority setting and project budget deployment in order to ensure integrated activities that are aimed at achieving the objectives of the campaign project.

2. Resource planning and negotiations
Negotiate with NRO’s and GPI to ensure commitment of required staff, resources, and activities carried out by or carried out in the territory of the NRO; nurture internal networks, solve problems, and ensure good communication within the project team, as well as with relevant actors such as the project team members line-managers and NRO SMT members; in order to ensure that project plans are implemented by the global organisation.

3. Global Strategy Development
Provide strategic and tactical expertise and input to the Campaign priority setting, projects and funding proposals where relevant. Responsible to guide the development of the global strategy for his/ her project area and keep abreast of the external debate and trends in order to identify campaign/public engagement opportunities, and ensure the campaign strategy has realistic objectives whilst maintaining viability and potential.

4. NRO Support
Provide strategic and tactical expertise and guidance to the NRO’s and GPI in order to enable implementation of effective and globally integrated campaigns.

5. Maintain external contacts
Liaise with key allies and opponents (political fora, industry, NGOs, government, public, media and QUANGOs) in order to enable maximum influence in external world to support achievement of campaign objectives.

6. Funding Proposals
Advise and assist the Unit Head and/or Fundraising Unit on the development of funding proposals for major donors and foundations, and subsequent campaign reporting and representation, liaising with major donors, Foundations and other supporters of Greenpeace work as required in order to ensure funding proposals are factually correct and in line with the agreed global campaign strategy.

7. Training
Coach project team members on an individual basis, and ensure with the help of the Global Training Manager, that the project team receives structured and relevant training, in order to enhance the development of campaigning and research skills throughout the organisation.

8. Reporting and Evaluation
Evaluate and report on progress of the project in monthly and quarterly reports, and continuously monitor the achievements and ever changing environment against the project strategy and network goals.

Skills required / qualifications
University degree
Strong strategic skills, at least 5 years of management and campaign experience in a multicultural international environment.
Good working knowledge of the campaign issue area
Understanding of, and exposure to, the roles that science, politics, economics, industry, media and social change play and their strategic implications for campaigning.
Project management skills and experience including proven ability to effectively adjust plans to rapidly changing circumstances.
People management skills and experience
Ability to operate and lead under pressure and in physically or mentally challenging situations.
Fluency in written and spoken English
Budget planning and management skills and experience
Management/supervision skills and experience (staff, consultants, volunteers)
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(Publicado em a 02-04-2012)
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