Bolsa de Investigação para Mestre (m/f) (04-03-2020)

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CIIMAR- Centro de Investigação Marinha e Ambiental

A competition is open for the attribution of 1 (one) Research Scholarship in the framework of the project ValorMar – Valorização Integral dos Recursos Marinhos,, with reference 24517 (10/SI/2016 - I&DT Empresarial - Programas Mobilizadores), supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and by the European Social Fund (ESF), according to the following conditions 

1. Scientific area: Chemical Sciences, Biological Sciences 

2. Admission requirements: 
The candidates must hold a MSc in a discipline related to Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Sciences or related areas. The candidates must be enrolled, at the time of application, in a doctoral program, aiming at consolidating their scientific training through the development of research work leading to the achievement of the respective academic degree, or being enrolled in non-academic degree courses integrated in the educational project of a higher education institution developed in association or cooperation with one or more R&D units. The candidates should have experience in cyanobacteria/microalgae culture and/or extracts preparation and fractionation. Candidates should be fluent in English, written and spoken, and demonstrate capacity to perform independent research proposing new approaches for this project. 

3. Work plan: 
The work will be done in the framework of the project VALORMAR and will include: production of aqueous and organic extracts of cyanobacteria, characterization of biological activity and scale-up in the production of extracts and their fractionation. The selected candidate will also collaborateion in the elaboration of the Project reports and participation in the project meetings, preparation of manuscripts and other forms of results communication. 

4. Legislation and official rules: 
Law nº. 40/2004, 18th August (Research Fellowship Holder Statute) in its current version, FCT Regulation for Research Studentships and Fellowships and CIIMAR Grants Research Regulation. Whenever the degree of the candidate selected for the position is from a foreign institution it needs to be recognized by a Portuguese higher education institution accordingly to the Decree-Law no. 66/2018 of 16th August until the signature of the contract. 

5. Work place: 
The work will be carried out at CIIMAR under the scientific supervision of Prof. Vitor Vasconcelos. 

6. Duration of the grant: 
Duration of six months, starting in April 2020, under the regime of exclusive dedication, eventually renewable according to legal terms, up to the legal maximum. 

7. Monthly maintenance stipend: 
The monthly maintenance allowance is €1064 (one thousand and sixty four Euros), in agreement with the monthly maintenance stipend table of the grants directly attributed by FCT, I.P. within the country

8. Selection methods: 
The ranking of candidates will be performed by a global evaluation based on:
- Evaluation of the Curriculum Vitae -60% (100% if interview is not conducted);
- Interview (if conducted) – 40% .
The jury will decided, based on the ranking of the candidates, if there is need for interviews to be carried out to the top ranked candidates.
The Evaluation of the Curriculum Vitae will be performed according to the following criteria: i. Experience in extracts preparation and fractionation - 40 % ii. Experience in bioactivity assays– 20% iii. Published papers – 40% In the second phase and after the ranking of the candidates following CV evaluation, and if the jury seems fit, there will be an interview to a maximum of three candidates. If the candidates do not show up in the interview it will be considered as a withdrawal of application, being those candidates excluded from the competition. 

9. Composition of the jury selection: 
President of the jury: Doutor Pedro Leão Vogal: Prof. Doutora Rosário Martins Vogal: Doutor Alexandre Campos 

10. Form of Advertising/notification of results: 
The final results of the evaluation will be published through a list sorting the candidates according to their attributed mark, on the CIIMAR website and by e-mail; in case of disagreement, the candidates have a 10-working day term in which to contest the decision, if he/she so wishes, as provided for in the Código do Procedimento Administrativo in a preliminary hearing setting. The jury reserves the right to not assign the grant depending on the quality of the applications. 

11. Deadline for application and presentation of applications: 
The competition is open from 17 until 30 march 2020. The applications must be formalized, compulsorily, by sending the following documents: - detailed Curriculum vitae - copy of the eligibility certificates - motivation letter - contact e-mail address and phone number - indication of the reference of the competition (as indicated in this announcement) - Detailed description of the projects or Works that the candidate developed that will be important to demonstrate the adequacy to the function (namely experience in cyanobacteria isolation, culture and taxonomy and fluency in English, written and spoken) - Any other documents that the candidates may recognize as relevant. The applications must be sent by e-mail to: The applications that do not include all the elements previously indicated will not be considered.


Produtos Sugeridos:

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Biologia Evolutiva

Guia de Campo da Fauna e Flora Marinha de Portugal

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